Suzanne Vallance

Qualifications: PhD (Urban Studies), Masters of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts
Affiliation: Lincoln University
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Dr Suzanne Vallance is a senior lecturer in the Department of Environmental Management at Lincoln University. Drawing on the social sciences, her work explores ways in which we can collectively make cities and settlements better, safer and healthier places in which to live. She has a particular interest in action research and collaborative governance as it applies to risk reduction, housing, food security, urban renewal and public space.

Current research

New Zealand National Science Challenge 11: Building Better Homes, Towns and CitiesResilient Cities: Soft Infrastructure for Hard Times
Contingent Cities



Vallance, S., Dupuis, A. and Thorns, D. (2015). Permission to experiment, the right to fail, and the opportunity to succeed: The role of temporary use in building resilient cities. A paper included in the United Nations Future of Places Conference Compendium, 29th June to July 1st, Stockholm, Sweden

Vallance, S. (2015). An Evaluation of the Waimakariri District Council’s Integrated and Community-Based Recovery Framework Following the Canterbury Earthquakes: Implications for Urban Resilience. Urban Policy and Research, 33, 4, pp. 433 – 451