Natalie Rosales

Qualifications: PhD on Sustainable Development, Instituto de Ciencias Ambientales, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain. Master Degree in Environmental Management, and Bachelor’s Degree on Urbanism, Facultad de Arquitectura, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de M
Affiliation: Research Fellow, CONACYT (Council on Science and Technology of Mexico), El Colegio Mexiquense.


She currently works as a Research Fellow for The Council on Science and Technology of Mexico at El Colegio Mexiquense.
Research Fellow and Manager of the Urban Sustainable Platform for The Mexican Observatory on Crisis in 2011. National Consultant on Urban Sustainable Development for United Nation Programme for Human Settlements (UN-HABITAT) in 2010. Research Fellow in Urban Monitoring and Research for United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean) in 2009.
Natalie is interested on building an alternative urbanism. Her work focuses on building conceptually and practically a frame towards the transformation of current planning and management practices for reinterpreting strategies to re-signify and re-conceptualize the existing dichotomous relationship between city-nature, environment-society. Through her research she strives for a new understanding of the way we inhabit the habitat.

Current research

Innovative urban planning instruments (contextual and procedural) that can be used to institutionalized sustainability.
Advancing Urban Sustainability through the Integration of Planning Evaluation Methodologies


Associate Research Fellow of The Regional Development and Urban Sustainable Studies Center (CEDRUS, UNAM), World Social Science Fellow on Sustainable Urbanization for The International Social Science Council (ISSC).