Moises Lino e Silva

Qualifications: • Postdoctoral Fellow in Anthropology; Harvard University (USA)• Ph.D. in Social Anthropology; University of St Andrews (Scotland)• M.Sc. in Social Anthropology; The London School of Economics (England)• B.A. in International Relations; University of Bras
Affiliation: Permanent Faculty at UFBA (Federal University of Bahia - Brazil)


Moises Lino e Silva works within the field of political anthropology, specializing in the ethnographic study of freedom and authority in relation to pressing topics such as poverty, violence, sexuality, race, and development. His first field research was centered on issues of freedom as experienced by slum dwellers in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Recently, he has been focusing on the cultivation of Afro-Brazilian power and the place of freedom in the aftermath of formal slavery, using multi-sited ethnographic research to understand contemporary power dynamics between Latin America and West Africa. In 2013, Dr. Lino e Silva was selected a World Social Science Fellow by the International Social Science Council (UNESCO).

Current research