Jorge Sequera

Qualifications: PhD Sociology
Affiliation: Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Madrid
Research Gate Profile


Postdoctoral Researcher Jorge Sequera is “Juan de la Cierva” in the Department of Political Science and International Relations at the Autonomous University of Madrid and member of GEUTS (Group of Urban Studies and Social Theory). Doctor in Sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid and a BA in Political Science and Administration, has also completed the Master of Participatory Research for Local Development and has been a researcher FPI of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation (2008-2012), making research stays at universities in cities like New York, Leeds and Buenos Aires. His doctoral thesis focused on the processes of socio-spatial reconfiguration from gentrification in the city center of Madrid.

Current research

From the study of the metropolis as a source of contradictions and potential space of social change, it is interested in fundamental phenomena of post-Fordist society, such as consumption, lifestyles, the new middle classes, residential segregation, exclusion social, urban design and control society and urban social movements and social proposal. Under the National R + D + i, has been part of the project “The right to the city, sustainable urban development and the prevention of residential and urban ghettoes of exclusion” (2006-2009) at the University of Barcelona and currently the project “City and crises Cities in crisis, citizenship and political mutation moving. new management, participation and urban claim in Spain and Europe” (2013-2015). Also as part of the funded under the FP7-PEOPLE, actions European project “Contested Cities. Contested Spatialities of Urban Dialogues Between Neoliberalism Emerging Spaces of Citizenship in Europe and Latin America” (2012-2016) develops studies on micro- resistance in neighborhoods gentrification policy objects, such as La Boca in Buenos Aires.