Jenna Condie

Qualifications: BSc (Hons), PhD
Affiliation: Chartered Psychologist and Lecturer in Digital Research and Online Social Analysis at Western Sydney University, Australia.
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Jenna Condie is a social psychologist at Western Sydney University, Australia, interested in how digital technologies influence our everyday experiences and social connections in the places we live, work, play, and stay. Jenna has expertise in the application of digital research methods and user-experience design approaches to generate practical directions for the development of digital tools, services, and campaigns. Jenna leads the SoMeSoHousing (Social Media for Social Housing) initiative, which investigates how community housing providers are engaging with their stakeholders, particularly tenants; and also advocates for increased tenant participation and community development through digital platforms. She is co-lead investigator of TinDA (Travel in the Digital Age) Project. Jenna has an upcoming project with Parramatta City Council exploring the role of digital technologies for community safety in public spaces and the role of people as ‘human sensors’ for smarter cities.
In her role as a World Social Science Fellow with the International Social Science Council, she co-curated a Book of Blogs “Dialogues of Sustainable Urbanisation: Social Science Research and Transitions to Urban Contexts”. The book is a collection of diverse works from researchers across the globe who all have something important to say about the way in which our world is changing and how we can strive towards a more sustainable future.

Jenna previously worked at the University of Salford, UK.

Current research

Social Media for Social Housing: Understanding Tenant Participation in the Digital Age (Western Sydney University)

Parramatta City Council (2016) Community Safety Plan (digital technologies for community safety)

Travel in the Digital Age: Tinder Tourism ((Western Sydney University)