Franklin Obeng-Odoom

Qualifications: PhD (Pol. Econ) Syd M.Sc (Urban Econ) Lond. BSc (Land Econ) KNUST
Affiliation: Senior Lecturer, School of the Built Environment
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Franklin Obeng-Odoom is a Senior Lecturer in Property Economics at the School of Built Environment and a member of the Asia Pacific Centre for Complex Real Property Rights at the University of Technology Sydney. His research interests are centred on the political economy of development, cities and natural resources (specifically water, oil, and land).
He has, in addition, completed studies and research on Georgist philosophy and political economy at the Henry George School of Social Science in Chicago, USA and worked on institutional economics of Richard Theodore Ely at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development in Geneva, Switzerland.
The recipient of a number of reputable research awards, Franklin was named a Dan David Prize Scholar in April 2010, a World Social Science Fellow in January 2013 and, in June 2015, was elected to the Fellowship of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences to become the Academy’s youngest Fellow. In January 2016, Dr. Franklin Obeng-Odoom received the Patrick J. Welch Award from the Association for Social Economics.

Current research