Amollo Ambole, Lorraine

Qualifications: PhD
Affiliation: University of Nairobi
Research Gate Profile


Amollo has a background in industrial design and is currently lecturing at the School of the Arts and Design, University of Nairobi, Kenya. She was the recipient of the TRECCAfrica scholarship in 2012 that sponsored her research at Stellenbosch University, South Africa, where she earned a PhD in Public and Development Management. During her PhD, Amollo worked with a transdisciplinary team of experts, researchers and informal settlement dwellers. The aim of the team was to solve the enduring challenge of adequate sanitation provision in informal settlements. However, the diversity in the transdisciplinary team was in itself a challenge, and so Amollo proposed in her dissertation that design ethnography provides useful facilitatory tools for transdisciplinary research. She also proposed a socio-technological reciprocity model that can enhance innovation in informal contexts. She plans to test the model further in informal settlements in Nairobi.

Current research

Current research title: “Exploring energy–use in informal settlement households; a social-technological reciprocity model”
The aim of the study is to understand energy-use in Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi in order to propose more sustainable household energy-use, energy technologies and energy systems for the informal settlement. Using a design ethnography approach, the study will focus on engaging stakeholders so as to collaboratively examine the interfaces between users, providers and energy technologies.


The above study with be carried out in collaboration with the Urban Modelling and Metabolism Assessment (uMAMA), a research team at Stellenbosch University, led by Dr Josephine Musango and co-led by Prof Alan Brent.


Transdisciplinary Research for Innovation in Informal Settlement Upgrading (2016), In Innovation for the Urban Age, Innovative Approaches to Public Governance for The New Urban Age by Eleven International Publishers, The Hague. ISBN 978 94 6236 611 4