The idea of TUKN

The task at TUKN is to draw on our differing disciplines—sociology, land management, architecture, political science, social and environmental justice, gender studies, urban geography, anthropology, spatial planning, economics, engineering, design facilitation and environmental science—to generate and share knowledge that is valid for science and valuable to society in contemplating alternative urban futures that advance the sustainability and resilience of cities and urbanizing regions.

In the spirit of global North/South collaboration and interdisciplinary, TUKN was formed under the guidance of scholars from across the globe, who facilitated the three meetings took place in Quito, Taipei and Durban.

TUKN coordinator

Buyana Kareem is the TUKN coordinator, a visiting scholar at the Sustainability Institute Stellenbosch University and a researcher at the Urban Action Lab, Makerere University Kampala, and his main interest is urban sustainability transformations. He is an urban sociologist with a PhD from Stanford University California USA. His recent publications have focused on gender-equal adaptation to climate change, urban infrastructure governance and delivery, and transdisciplinarity in an African city.

Contact details:
Skype: buyana.kareem
Twitter: @buyanathelec

TUKN Facilitators

Mark Swilling

Sustainability Institute-Stellenbosch University South Africa

Mark Swilling is a Distinguished Professor of Sustainable Development in the School of Public Leadership, Stellenbosch University. I am the Academic Director of the Sustainability Institute, Co-Director of the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition (CST), member of the International Resource Panel, fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, member of the We-Africa Action Research Network, member of the Board of the Development Bank of Southern Africa, and Visiting Professor at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) and Sheffield University (UK).

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Etienne Nel

Comparative Research Programme on Poverty (CROP), University of Otago-New Zealand

Etienne Nel is a Professor at the University of Otago-New Zealand, Department of Geography. Etienne’s research interests are Local Economic Development; Urban Entrepreneurialism/Urban Economic Developments; Community Economic Development; and Human Geography. Etienne is currently undertaking research in the economic and urban history and development in South Africa, local development and urban agriculture in Zambia and regional, local and small town development in New Zealand.

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Adriana Allen

University College London, The Bartlett Development Planning Unit

Adriana Allen is a Senior Lecturer at the DPU, where she leads the Research Cluster on Environmental Justice, Urbanization and Resilience. She is Co-Director for Sustainable Cities at UCL Environment Institute and co-editor of the International Journal of Sustainable Urban Development. Adriana has almost 30 years international experience in research and consultancy undertakings in over 19 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Both as an academic and practitioner, her work adopts a political ecology perspective and focuses on the interface between development and environmental concerns in the urban Global South, and more specifically on establishing transformative links between spatial planning, environmental justice and sustainability in urbanizing contexts. Her most recent publications include: “Peri-urbanization and the Political Ecology of Differential Sustainability.” In Parnell, S. and Oldfield, S. (Eds.) (2014) A Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South. London: Routledge; and Untamed Urbanisms, co-edited with Mark Swilling and Andrea Lampis, to be published in 2015 by Routledge.

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